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Climbing Kilimanjaro

Best time to climb / trek Mount Kilimanjaro

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Technically, you can climb Kilimanjaro year around and no month is completely off-limits.

Jan to March and July to Oct are the driest months and the best time for hiking. Jan to March are slightly colder and have a high chance of encountering snow on the mountain.

You will encounter some rain if you go in Dec and June so even though these months are not ideal, they aren’t bad either. We hiked in the 3rd week of Dec and experienced some rain showers. However, we had a perfect summit day.

April, May and Nov are the wettest months and hiking at this time is not recommended unless you are very comfortable with serious hiking and high altitude in rainy weather with serious winds and storms especially closer to the summit.

If you want to summit the mount Kilimanjaro on a full moon night, please contact us in advance and we will try to align your summit date with a full moon night. Words and pictures cannot explain this magical experience.

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