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Climbing Kilimanjaro

Join thousands of travelers looking to join a group for a climbing adventure and save money!

Travel Solo?

If you are traveling alone or with a partner joining an existing trekking group can be a great way to save money and make new friends and share the Fun!. Meet great people with similar traveling interest as we take you to the tallest mountain in the African and the highest free-standing mountain in the World. Joining a group tour is hassle-free as we have departures almost every week, so it’s easy to join.

The world is one big classroom and traveling is one of the best education. Exploring and gaining experiences can’t be learned in school. Travel widens our horizons as we learn different environment and cultures first hand. The memories gained from it is priceless and we will always have stories to tell. Finally, you get to meet new friends since your tour mates are of different nationalities.

Why join a group?

  • Cut down the cost of Kilimanjaro climb
  • Sharing costs including transport, meals, mountain guides and porters salaries, etc..
  • Get travel companion
  • Chatting and an opportunity for making new friends
  • You get more courage, and share history of other climbers

Our Group limit:

Our groups are limited to only 15 climbers. We don’t believe in creating large trekking parties as it detracts from the experience. Keeping the party small creates an intimate setting on the mountain, but more importantly ensures proper attention for each and every climber. Group trips are guaranteed to depart, regardless of the number of climbers.

Join a Group now:

Expected date of your Kilimanjaro Trekking.
Other Interests after Kilimanjaro Climbing
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