The Height of Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa

Mount Kilimanjaro is the tallest mountain in Africa and one of the world’s most iconic peaks. Located in the country of Tanzania, it is a popular destination for travelers and adventurers alike. This article explores the height of Kilimanjaro and the methods used to measure it.

The Height of Mt. Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro stands over 19,000 feet tall, making it the highest mountain in all of Africa. The mountain’s three volcanic cones, Kibo, Mawenzi, and Shira, are all above 16,000 feet, with Kibo reaching an impressive 19,341 feet. This makes it the tallest free-standing mountain in the world, as it is not part of a mountain range.

Despite its impressive height, Mt. Kilimanjaro is actually a relatively young mountain. It began to form about 1 million years ago and has been in a constant state of growth and erosion ever since, eventually reaching its current height.

Measuring Africa’s Tallest Mountain

The precise measurement of Mt. Kilimanjaro’s height has been a topic of considerable debate and study. The mountain has been measured several times over the last century, with new technologies and techniques being used each time.

The first recorded measurement of the mountain was done by the German geographer Hans Meyer and Austrian cartographer Ludwig Purtscheller in 1889. Using a barometric altimeter, they determined the height of the peak to be 15,800 feet.

Since then, the mountain has been measured several times, with an official measurement of 19,341 feet being reached in 2014. This measurement was achieved using a combination of ground-based surveying techniques, GPS, and airborne lidar.

Mt. Kilimanjaro is an impressive peak and its height has been a subject of fascination for centuries. Thanks to modern techniques and technologies, we now have an accurate measurement of the mountain’s height. Whether you’re an adventurer or an armchair traveler, Mt. Kilimanjaro is an amazing peak and its height is something to marvel at.

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