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Climbing Kilimanjaro

Your Kilimanjaro climb crew will consist of mountain guides, assistant guides, cooks, and a team of porters. The total number of mountain crew needed will be determined by the number of climbers per group, total weight being carried for the whole group and number of hiking days.

When and whom do you pay your tip to?

Tips are expected as a sign of appreciation of good service. Our general recommendation is to tip each crew member directly to ensure that the full amount of tip is received. However, it should be noted that tips should only be given out at the end of the trip. If an individual client wants to tip particular crew members additional money, they can hand it directly to the crew member.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that items such as clothing, footwear and gifts for children and adults, used or new, are highly valued and can be given as well as money tips.

How many staff do I have to tip?

The average ratio of support staff for every climbing group is at least 1 lead guide per group of 8 hikers, 1 assistant guide per 3 hikers, 1 cook who is well trained in the preparation of local and international cuisine per 4 hikers, porters are rationed as follows:

  • 2-3 porters per hiker on the Marangu route and Mt. Meru
  • 3-4 porters per hiker on a 6 or 7 day trek
  • 4-5 porters per hiker on the 8 day Lemosho route

Tipping amounts are as follows. (These numbers are per group and not per climber):

  • Guide: US$15-20 per day
  • Assistant Guide: US$10-15 per day
  • Cook: $10 per day
  • Porter: $7 per day

Tipping on Kilimanjaro example:

For a 6 day Machame route climb, the total tipping value per group and climber would look as follows:

  1 Climber   2 Climbers 3 Climbers 4 Climbers
Guides $ 90-120 $90-120 $90-120 $90-120
Ass. Guides 60-90 60-90 $120-180
Cooks $60 $60 $60 $60
Porters $126-168 $252-336 $378-504 $504-672
Total For Group $276-348 $462-606 $588-774 $774-1032
Per Climber $276-348 $231-303 $196-258 $194-258

We hope you now have more clarity about tipping on Kilimanjaro. However, feel free to send us an email in-case you have a question